Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Swing Wide, Tip To Either Side!

I'll be easy on myself... *sighs* Life is very hard anyway and I don't wanna add to all my stress. *takes a deep breath* So, you swing, it's okay. Nothing wrong. You tip, that too is okay. As long as you keep your balance. You should not fall. Because if you fall, well, there's a lot to deal with then. I'm not saying people will laugh at you, though they WILL laugh at you. You might get hurt. But most importantly, when you DO get up (see I'm assuming that you WILL get up, i'm an optimistic kid!) will you ever swing that wide again??? That one fall can make you change your perspective totally. Like when you fall in love for the first time.. Some people say that you're just immature. I'd like to say that you are simply ignorant. And ignorance IS bliss. You have no idea how much it'll hurt later and so you keeeep swinging wide... you tip reeeal bad. And you fall. (yes you always fall) And then, you get up. You DO get up. But do you ever swing that wide again?

Not just love, Don't you dare judge me. I am not going to be one of those sloppy heartbroken teens, cos i am NOT a heartbroken teen, my heart is quite okay, thank you very much for asking.

Not just love, everything that a human does, he loses faith in it soon enough. He stops trying! WHY????

As if life isn't faithless already.. why did you have to stop trying?

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