Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I like having this little stories to tell from my childhood. I feel quite boastful because I remember lots of small rather crummy incidents. Most are too personal and will not even be understood by someone who doesn't know me well.. But some are amazingly cool. Like the fact that I remember my past life experiences. (More on that later, hold your horses) and the incident when I ALMOST DIED.. okay so I usually tend to exaggerate, but I am NOT exaggerating here, sweetpea. So Fire Fire, Yeah. Chilly Winter Night In Dehradun (I'd like to call it Dehra, makes the feel quite right but I cannot because I told myself a few years back that I hate the name Dehra cos Ruskin Bond is overrated, I don't think he's that overrated but I just feel jealous of him I think, anyway, back to the point!) A Cold Winter Night In Doon. Wait, you know what. this blog is totally public and I don't write about things that are directly related to me, so sorry, you're never getting to hear this story!

So lets talk about the things that I like and still don't quite like. For Example CHAAT. If someone says, you like chaat? I make a face and I say NO. You wanna know why?? EVEN I wanna know why!!! I like chaat, okay. I like eating it. But I absolutely HAVE to claim that I DO NOT like chaat. I don't even eat it till someone stuffily puts it in front of me and tells me to. And then I do eat it (I don't like making scenes) and I secretly enjoy it. Yes I do! Somebody please try explaining that to me! It's not even like the times when people say they don't like something our of habit. I don't do things like that! I accept change, okay! No I do not have an emotional problem so please kindly get off my back!

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