Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mean Is Always Mean!

Why will a normal human being want to be mean? What more does a person want? A person wants love. And being mean does not make us get love, then what is our motive behind being mean? Once again, our motive behind being mean is love. For some, it is acceptance that matters. They can lie, deceive, cheat, to be accepted by the ones they love, and in return get their love. For others it is basically selfishness. The love for themselves and their own happiness lies well above their love for other's happiness. So then, where does being mean fit in?

Everyone makes mistakes... Is being mean one of them?

Maybe we mean to be mean. Everytime we are being mean, we do it intentionally. Maybe we don't call it being mean, maybe we know that we are being mean. What is it? Are we all angels disguised as flesh ? Or are we devils? Who coined 'angels' and 'devils' and WHY am I using these terms here? Because at one point a fleshed human made these terms and put them in the English Language. Were his intentions being MEAN? Or did he think he was doing something for the welfare of the society. Oh and people applauded him and he was given many awards. He was given respect in society. Something HE WANTED. He wanted the attention. Was he being MEAN?

Mean should be when we are hurting someone, right. Not just when we are helping ourself. So was he not being mean? But he was doing it for sole selfish reasons wasn't he. Selfish always means compromising on the benfit of others, so was he still not being mean?

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