Saturday, August 22, 2009


God loves those who love themselves. I found this written by me in pencil on the keychain of the secret diary that I used to keep in 2003.. and it struck me, I was always this way, the senti-sloppy philosophical psycho that I am.. :P I just KNOW what to call it now!

Firstly, I used the word "God", I had a lot of faith in him. Not just blind faith. But now I call myself an agnostic, but I know that from inside I still believe in that something. My faith in my magic, the water the medicines the shoes, I use that to coat my faith in some superpower that is helping me exist.


Surprise/Stranger/Stalker Whatever said...

Thats coz you realised you didnt need to have faith in a name. You knew it was much more than the noun 'God' (or dog?)

Slightly off topic:

Tanya Singh said...

Interesting. Your comments AND your anonymity!