Monday, August 17, 2009

Cure Me, Or Endure Me....

If you can't cure something, you have to endure it don't you? Unless you give up on it completely. If it's not WORTH your time and your patience.

I find myself talking a lot about what is worth me and what is not worth me. I'm standardising myself in a way. Maybe standardising is the wrong word. I am putting myself in the category where others can compare me to different things. Not comparison with different people, but THINGS. They can prioritise their habits their schedules over me. Everyone does that all the time. Except for gems that I come across. *smiles*

I know I have terrible faults. I tend to go VERY WRONG. But I know best what I'm like. You HAVE the right to tell me where I'm wrong, but don't put it in such a way that I forget that that's just ONE part of the whole scene.

I feel bliss when I LIKE myself and I feel frustration when I don't like myself. That's just the person I am. What you think of me does bother me, but what I think of myself is what pinches me when the time really matters. No one can understand me perfectly but myself. So who is my best friend from the beginning to the end? Only ME. I'm the one who HAS to live with ME the whole day, every day, every year, from 1992 to... Right?

Anger. I feel it again. Because I am not being to get my point across clearly.

You CANNOT cure me. You CANNOT endure me.

Give Up.

Walk out that door and breathe the fresh air you have been longing for. "Some things can never improve!" Give up on me like I'm a bad joke and bid me goodbye..

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