Friday, August 23, 2013

I don't even know any more if all the communication that I indulge in is for socialisation or if its just a form of catharsis that seems to work for me.

I'm not talking about the bleak conversations you have in college before class, or the few forced minutes you spend with an old friend when you realise you have nothing left to call a friendship any more.
I'm not even talking about that abstract no-introduction discussion you had with the stranger on the bus the other day about misguided bus information, or when you told the grumpy man off, you know, the one who chases little puppies to the other side of the street?

What I am talking about is.. for example.. this. Or the last five emails that I've written.
What IS the point of that? If I retrace the last five years of my life, that's what I do. When I'm not in the misbelief that I'm actually living a life, what I'm doing is recording experiences. The music that I hear, the interesting facts that I read this morning, or the latest book or movie that's been driving me crazy. Facebook really very incredibly discovered (or created to market, you never know) was the power of 'sharing'. And that's what we love.
The accomplished or those thought of as accomplished like to be heard. But the rest of us, you know, the audience, well we would love to be heard, but not as much as we like to speak. Or share, rather. And listen, sometimes.
And when we're not under the delusion that we're actually leading a meaningful life we find our own way of catharsis.
This, for example, is mine.

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