Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Pensieve to my Soul ....err, not really

I can perhaps call myself one of those fortunate (or unfortunate, maybe) souls who does have tangible memories. They exist in the journals I kept, in the diaries I never completed ..AND the least likely of them all.... in my Gmail inbox. I'm not too proud of the role and impact technology has had on me growing up. It's like embracing the fact that the Kindle can never replace a real book and that a TOI news app really does not feel right when you want to sip your morning coffee and read the paper (even if the purpose that morning really is only procrastination before starting your day)

Coming to the point of this blogged stream of consciousness... I stumbled upon something just a few minutes back. It's a little embarrassing but it reminds me of a time when I had the courage to do just about anything. It was perhaps the naivety in the thoughts of a thirteen year old, or I was just undaunted by the opinions of others due to lack of experience with those opinions, back then. Dated the 23rd of February 2006, I found lying peacefully in my inbox, an email that I had written to the then President of India, the honourable APJ Abdul Kalam. Quite an idol of mine then and even now, I wrote to him about my ambition and my dream, of becoming an astronaut. Now, now, don't groan I know it was quite a cliche ambition but I was dead serious while it lasted. And you never know, there is still time to somehow wind up in the field of astrophysics (not really, but we can dream can't we) and if all else fails, well, and if I strike gold or stumble upon the bucket under the rainbow I can probably buy my way up (literally)

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