Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A little time and a little change and the wonders it can do

Recently, I took a trip to the land of my ancestors, to my roots. When I hear the name of this land, I think of about three to five things before I recall vaguely in my head that I myself hail from this land. I think - paan, ganga, bhojpuri, old people and aashrams. And I'm not that wrong, in fact I am quite accurate. It IS unfair to generalise or to associate a city with a few keywords but it is bound to happen. A few adjectives that I missed out however can fortunately be covered because of the experiences of the last 24 hours to be exact and I shall list them as follows: paan, potholes, politics, paan, and insomnia. The last one is very much subjective, but then again, so is this post.

It struck me, however, and not for the first time that I have been brought up very differently from anybody I know. It was like there was nothing to build on except the immediate and we had to start from scratch we actually did and we actually built something new. Foundations seem to be overrated but I guess they are in substance foundations that have just evolved and moulded and mulatto-ed and turned into something new. 

Part of this experience did involve holding on to something and to the place where I come from, and where I SHOULD belong, and all this while while I was waiting to experience it I did not realise that I had, already. That I didn't need to because roots and ancestors might be a cause for a meaning but at the end of the day, you may live where you live and that may be anywhere, but you are who you are and you ARE the people who made you who you are.

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