Monday, March 31, 2014

The feline race vs. the canine race

So now I'm just going to rant out the conversation in my head. I've been harping on this theme for quite a few weeks now but that's only cause I think that there's actually a crazy amount of truth here.
Well, here's my confession

I feel like I'm a cross between a dog and a cat.

And, before we dive further into this statement let me bring the context into the picture..

I've been ​standing at the overly iconic 'crossroad​' of my life for about a year now, and I haven't ​really moved from here.
It's like I found a rabbit hole and had myself a little adventure, but now that it's time to stick my head back out and into the real world, it feels like no progress has been made in terms of the decision that has to be made - which road am I going to take? But instead of a tangled web of roads that can be taken at least now I'm able to draw a vertical clear line in the center of my figurative thinking paper and categorise the roads into two directions- the dog life and the cat life.
I've ALWAYS ALWAYS (I would stress on the always more if I could) thought that I was a dog person. I had never ever even imagined in the most anti-world scenario that I would even consider myself a cat person. And then. 2013 happened. And 2014. With reasons ranging from interacting with the feline race; interacting with ​cat people, falling for cat people, having interesting discussions with cat people (not necessarily in that order :) ) and doing a fair bit of secondary data research (and this research I speak of may very well have been limited to a couple of articles ;P) on personalities of cat people - being SUPER adventurous, having no rigid norms, NOT being driven to and by emotions - it was, it was, like a whole new world was being opened to me. The fact that I never ever even CONSIDERED the possibility of....say....having a kitten had somehow cordoned off so much world for me that it seemed like all the plans in my head, the equation of my life had been missing a variable all along.

So career wise, it seems like I could either go along the old comfortable dog(eaty) dog world and follow the path I would have always imagined myself taken.. or.. or.. take the 'less thought of path' (but just as trodden*) that excites me to the core.

But maybe I'm overthinking this. Maybe all roads lead the same way.


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