Saturday, February 8, 2014

"You are a dot. A tiny spot. Sometimes, you may be stretched into a line. But that is all" **

That is all that you are, in the universe. It's a good thing. Sometimes it's bad. Good because that's all that you mean - and there's no pressure. It would be terrible if you were more than just a dot, don't you think? Wouldn't there be too much pressure on your little life… hours too few and days too little to do all that you were bounded to, and bound to accomplish. It's better like this, don't you think.. you're not as full, not as meaningful. 
I used to think.. 'Life is short. Don't fight with people who mean something to you'. But you know what, I'm realising that people aren't all that important after all. You yourself aren't as important as you think you are in your tiny little head. If you are able to remove all subjectivity from your life and look at it as one objective little dot - you realise that what I'm saying is absolutely true.

**Read this recently in a book by Ravishanker Bal - called Dozakhnama.

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