Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sound tracks

It's funny. Where things started from is often the way the finish. There's always a similarity between the start line and the end, more so when there's absolutely no feeling of accomplishment.

You sit here, and you pack your things. The music calms your nerves, a little. The coffee jolts your brain, a little. The sound of your hollow breathing. periodically. voluntarily. The grimace that appears. Shaped like a half moon. That's absolutely involuntary. That's a sneer. It's all so funny the way I see it now. So funny.

time ++

the music changes

And you find some meaning. You find some purpose. When you're not looking for it, it finds its way to you. And you are reminded, once again, of why..why that breathing is involuntary, but only when you're not focusing on it. 

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