Sunday, January 15, 2012

How ideal is your idea, really, if you're idle about it.

Brilliant visions don't always make a brilliant future, but brilliant ideas definitely make brilliant innovations. But how innovative will you be if your idea remains an idea, and only just an idea?

We do not lack talent. What we do lack, is spirit.. If the incentive, the AWARD is not visible we do not have any reason to act upon our ideas. So is it all just about the victory, then? Does nobody, if even a little sadistically, want to taste defeat or failure? Are we so busy competing with the entire world, be it for marks, jobs or a 'brilliant future' that we have forgotten that beauty lies in originality and in a sense of accomplishment not just fiscal accomplishment or social, but one that enhances self-actualisation?

IDEAS are what keep us going. Us, as a society or an economy or a developmental force.. Ideas are what keep us alive and useful. We must not give in, to the dreary tick-tock of the clock, or the monotony of our lives and we must keep the fire of innovation alive!

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