Monday, May 7, 2012

The Facades of the World

Some people are born talkers, some are born thinkers.. the others, whether fortunately or unfortunately, fall into neither of the two categories. Those kind of people just go along with the crowd much like a herd of sheep. There is a possibility that there might just be a wolf lurking about in sheep's clothing somewhere in the herd, but who can tell.
The people who are the talkers prefer to be seen and heard, but are not very good with expressing their feelings and emotions. The thinkers can be big talkers but they usually stay quiet a lot - lost in thought.

What I have just listed to you are different types of social behaviour that I have noticed, and classified into the two categories of talkers and thinkers. I claim to be a thinker who is a web-talker. If you meet me in person there is a good chance that you won't hear a single peek out of me. But here, well here the true demon in me is unleashed. THIS is my social facade. When I became well versed with social networking a few years back, I thought to myself, 'Oh yay! The biggest obstacle in my life - My social awkwardness - can now be overcome'
But tsk tsk tsk maybe it was my immature fourteen year old mind stretching things too far or maybe it was my lack of insight that shielded me at that point from the dark truth- you can never run away from society.
You cannot spend your life in a jungle dressed in leaves and surviving on roots. You cannot give up the worldly aspects of the world around you and go be a sage in the Great Himalayas. Well, not practically at least. So, back to the story, I realised only a few months (or years) later that I had become even more socially awkward. Now people had started to acknowledge the fact that I was two people- one was the Cyber Me who could talk, be witty and imaginative. The Other Me was this somewhat dumb shy person who would never give you a chance to talk to her. 

The point that I am trying to make is that you should not get so wrapped up in a world that is not tangible so that you forget what is around you. In this case, not just because of your dependency on these man-made means of communication or your dependency on electricity simply, but because the basis of social networking lies in the social networking that exists off the Internet or in the Social Networking that exists when you talk and mingle with people in person, and if you do not understand that you can only get that far with networking through any other means.

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