Saturday, March 12, 2011


After a point, a lot of things that originally mattered don't matter any more. A lot of people who mattered yesterday don't matter today.
Is that a good thing or bad?
Does it show that all the people who matter today will stop mattering (if that's a word?) some day?
So should you stop making them matter today?

It feels like a lot of things go wrong all the time. All we do is ignore them, or oversee them, pretend like its okay and try and be happy again.
Part of me is just waiting for the world to end in 2012 so that all this can just get over suddenly, painlessly and for everybody.
What a pessimistic attitude!

So, im a pessimist. but then, that's what I'm like. Now, I have to accept it (or overlook it, or ignore it, call it whatever you want to) and go on pretending like I'm happy.

...And then I say that I'm not fake, when all my positive emotions are too temporary to be real.

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