Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chapter One

This is NOT a love story. It is the story if a simple girl trying to absorb herself in the world around her just to run away from the world inside her.

This is NOT a work of fiction, or a work of facts. It is just the simple, truthful story of a girl who tried very hard to impress the ones around her. She tried so hard that it was quite easy for her to fail. But the worst part was, that when she fell in the eyes of those who looked up to her and expected brilliance from her, most of all, she fell in her own eyes.

Staring into the mirror late into the night..the dark circles under her unrested eyes, the smeared acne all over her chin..her scraggy hair spread all over her forehead as a result of a failed hair makeover. But there was still a brightness in her pale yellow eyes. Not a spark of hope by any change, just a bit of moisture heavily resting on her iris. She felt its weight, just like she felt the weight of all the things heavily resting on her shoulders. The things that she was supposed to do, the milestones that she was supposed to reach...everything was heavy, except for her brown leather wallet.. THAT, was empty as a feather.

That does not change anything, She thought to herself. I have all that I every wanted..

These thoughts in her, she walked down the deserted corridor of her school locker room..till her eyes met the gaze, of somebody staring at her. Shuddering with fear, she started walking really fast in the opposite direction.

The stalker was at it again. Amy had never seen him before this month, but here he was again. He managed to catch her everyday outside school, follow her till she reached her apartment. He was there in the cafeteria as if waiting for her to come in and take her lunch tray from old Miss Sheila. He was there when she rushed into the practicals lab after school every day. A few times she tried to confront him, but she was too afraid. Not of HIM. He was a scraggy looking fellow who looked like a few harsh words could scare him into bursting into tears. But of his gaze. Nothing could frighten Amy more than a firm gaze. Unlifting, and unchanging. The same gaze that had changed so much about her. The same gaze that she had nightmares about, every Friday when she was all alone in her house..and the same gaze that she could almost see every time she closed her eyelids to blink.
But if I tell you more right now, I'll just be spoiling the story for you. And that's not what you would want. LIfe is all about anticipating the future and living the excitement every moment. Nobody can know where or how their life will end. Nobody can know the end of a story till they have read it. Especially not if it is a story as true as Amy's..

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