Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love the truth nature can help us find; Love the way two wrongs make a right.

She found herself walking on a dark road, a few weeks back, a few books in her hand.. it was late, late for her to be walking alone in this shady dusky lane.

Two strange men crossed her. They seemed bored and lazy. They yelled something, something sick. But she ignored them and kept walking.

Where was she going? Why was she here? Why didn't she tell us what was going on in her head. Somewhat like Edward* isn't able to read Bella's mind, the world wasn't able to understand her. But the difference was, this was no sloppy romantic fiction. This was the truth. And there wouldn't BE a made up happy ending in this story, would there? She slid into her car, turned the ignition, absent minded as she was, she pressed the accelerator hard hard onto the floor, and the car jerked forward and then stopped. The lurch forward brought her into her senses. She threw her keys on the passenger seat and lay her head gently on the steering wheel as a few tears rolled down her cheek...over her lips and onto her jeans. The same jeans she'd been wearing for a week. It was like she didn't quite care anymore. Her hair was a mess, her eyes red from all the crying, and she had bruises all over her soft skin.

The moon was peeking through a cloud or two, the "naughty moon" that had been following her since she was an infant. "Why will it go where I will?" her immature voice had asked many years back, and she was used to the same answer, "Its the naughty moon. It'll go wherever you will."

So she always had her moon to look upto.. early in the evenings or late in the nights; It would always be there, watching over her.

But one day, the moon just wasn't there. There was darkness in the sky. No man on the moon to spot on the burning surface, no shining light overhead......where had it disappeared?

Her little heart in her mouth, blood gushing and throbbing in her head and everywhere where she could feel it, she groped fearfully in the darkness, looking for her beloved naughty moon..would she be able to find it? Or had it left it, and broken its promise to her... but ah, there it was, right over her head, the bough of the chestnut tree had blocked it from her view, but for only a little while. It had come right back into her view. Even when it disappeared, her naughty moon would always reappear. :)