Friday, February 13, 2009

The Past Doesnt Last!

Looking back at what i wrote in 2007, i fine my writings a bit kiddish. And i remember writing them as if it was just a week back. And i remember feeling totally mature! Ha! So i guess time DOES change everyone, no matter how hard they try to deny it.

It takes TIME to get to know the real you. And every time you tell urself, now i know who i am, something comes up to upset the whole thing and u reach where ud started.

Sometimes u get strange dreams. I had a dream that i was wearing a skirt and i was on a Monkey Bar. I remember feeling embarrassed about that. I can feel what i felt then, even thought that was a dream and it really didnt happen. It was an illusion that probably left an impression on me as strongly as a fact would have.

The Past few years iv been on my way, shaping my personality with all sorts of strange and unique habits. And even now i know, that im gonna change. Im not gonna remain the same for long.

The Past Doesnt ever Last, you gotta accept that!

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