Sunday, August 19, 2007


Humanity aint that bad.. I mean.. We so called "good" people consider strangers and others as "bad" and the world as the "big, bad place" ... maybe im immature, but i dont think so.. more than 70% of the population in the world is actually good, (if not more) and the little population (30%, maybe lesser) is the reason why we take a generalised view and consider everyone as "bad."

I have personally seen so many people in my short life who are great human beings, whether i personally know them or not... maybe not all strangers will guide you if you ask them for directions, a few may even give you the wrong directions... but that does not mean that every stranger will give you wrong directions... there are so many people out there in the world, waiting to give you the correct directions, but somehow, you approach the stranger who gets tempted into misleading you..

As for trust, that is something that is portrayed very well in ruskin bond's short story, titled "The Thief"
It is about a young, 15 year old thief who starts working for this sweet, gullible man called Arun.... Arun is a person who trusts blindly.. so Arun and Deepak (the thief) become good friends, and Arun teaches deepak things like cooking, writing, reading (a little bit of the last two) and Deepak kindda forgets to exploit him... however, one day when Arun gets his salary, he tucks the money under his matteress, Deepak gets this strong urge to steal, and he takes the money out, and plans to take the next train and leave... so he leaves.. he is just in time for the train, but something, something stops him... that something, my dear friends, is trust...

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